1. The fishing is carried out only in the “catch and release” system.

2. Occupation of the stand starts at 12 (but not later than 16)..Delivery of the stand until 12.00 Monday until Saturday, and Sunday at the latest until 11.

3. Fishing periods: 48-72-96 hours

4.The number of rods / fisherman is 3.

5. It is obligatory for the fisherman to have the valve-type mattress, large ecological lure with small holes, disinfectant spray, weighing bag (or release). Keeping the bag of fish is strictly forbidden. It is mandatory to wet the mat before use.

6. The feeding is done from the shore with the possibility of using the boats, on their own responsibility within the lake. Boating is done between 7-10 hours and after lunch between 15-18 hours in the rest only on the shore. The use of the model ships is allowed for a fee only at the last 4 cottage (respectively 6,7,8 and VIP). It is forbidden to use fishing gear only with lead. It is forbidden to use textile yarn only as a maximum 50cm. It is forbidden to use the staples above the leadcore / antitangle tube and to tie the lead clamp. It is compulsory to use lost lead mounts. Please use the beard hooks. Do not use bent hooks, as these hooks do serious injuries. Fishing with a minimum quality wire of at least 0.25 mm is allowed. Dusting is prohibited. As a novelty of 2020 it is forbidden to feed with boiless brought by fishermen, for reasons of veterinary security. Fishermens have available 6/8/10 kg Coppens pellets, and 3/4/5 kg boilies Coppens, with the possibility to buy in addition to any quantity they need at an affordable price. It is allowed to feed with boiled seeds, max. 10 kg / fisherman in the summer months.

7- It is forbidden to enter the territory with animals

8. The fisherman has the obligation to present for control at the request of the authorized personnal, the luggage and the vehicle before parking the car.

9. After unpacking the necessary equipment at the reserved stand, the car is parked in the parking place.

10. At the end of the fishing party, the cars can be brought to the stand, but only after the notification of the administration 11.The administration reserves the right to control the baggage / car of the fishermen at any time from the access to the premises until leaving the premises

12. Visitors are not allowed to stay                                                                                                                                                13. The fishermen can leave the enclosure by announcing the administration.

14. Fishermen are obliged to maintain the general cleanliness of the fishing lake, without leaving stubble, seeds and other things thrown on the floor.

15. It is strictly forbidden to fish in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs. Uncivilized behavior is not allowed . 16. In case of thunderstorms with electric shocks, fishing and use of boats is prohibited.

17. The company reserves the right to select its clients .

18. Each fisherman has the obligation to read the pond regulations carefully before booking. Thus by reservation he gives his acceptance for the content of the regulation and is responsible for any incident that happened on the lake. For reservations and more information please access the contact section